This 77-Year-Old Legend Stole The Show On 'Prime Time' Last Night

"I just have the sh*t that goes with being 77"

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RTÉ Prime Time’s Budget Special always makes for memorable watching, and last night's Budget 2017 special was no different. Last night's event featured the usual in-depth analysis of the day’s events and also a rousing argument between a couple of politicians.

But for many watching, there was only one stand out star...

77-year-old audience member, Ellen Redden, from Dublin spoke candidly about the trials and tribulations of being a woman of her age in the current economic climate. 

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Just in case you missed it, here's what Ms. Redden said, live on camera:

If you haven’t got dementia or Alzheimer’s or your bits are falling off – you just don’t exist. Like you said about the prescription charges… There will be no reduction on my tablets. I just have the shit that goes with being 77.

Speaking openly and honestly, Ellen also went on to state that; ''It could have been funny if it wasn't so tragic''. This refreshing attitude to modern-day politics was met with praise from the adoring Irish public.

Ireland's politicians should take a leaf out of Ellen's book, and attempt to emulate her no-nonsense approach to the Irish financial market. Maybe then the Irish public will fall for them like we've fallen for her...

G'wan Ellen, you absolute legend.

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