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31st May 2017

This Actress Was Forced To Pull Out Of An Irish Festival Due To Fidget Spinner Injury


An Irish actress has had to withdraw from a role in a play showing at Cork Midsummer Festival in June due to an injury which was caused by a rogue fidget spinner.

The Irish Examiner reports that 22-year-old Ayoola Smart has been ordered to rest for up to two weeks after doctors diagnosed a head injury following an incident in Wilton shopping centre in Cork.

Ayoola was standing in a shop when a child who was standing nearby lost control of the toy, and it hit Ayoola behind one of her ears.

She was due to appear in the award-winning Futureproof, but her fellow cast members were informed yesterday that because of her “unfortunate accident”, she can no longer fill the role.

“This is a very sad result for both us and Ayoola and, of course, her recovery should be the priority,” said a spokesperson.

Some schools have banned the fidget spinnner gadgets, saying they are distracting and potentially dangerous.

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