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21st Oct 2017

This Genius Map Shows You The Cheapest Times To Travel Anywhere In The World


Trying to decide on when to go on holidays can be tricky – you have to sort out when you can take time off work and when flights will be cheapest.

If you like the off-the-beaten track vibes too, then chances are you’re going to want to steer well clear of any popular spots in high season when they’re jammers with tourists.

Thankfully Last Minute has created a pretty genius map that illustrates the high and low seasons of every country in the world, month by month. 

Take for example the USA. It has a high season from June-August, low season from November-March, and a shoulder season in April, May, September, and October.

How cool is this? Check out the full map HERE.

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A handy guide to knowing at a glance when flights and hotels are likely to be way less expensive.