This Graph Shows Just How Many People Have Been Searching 'Irish Passport' This Morning

Bit of a spike there, alright.

Screen Shot 2016 06 24 At 10 03 54

The news of Brexit passing has left a lot of people reeling this morning. 

And while nothing is certain in terms of the fallout from the vote, it seems like some are already doing their homework on how to gain an Irish passport.

This graph from Google Trends was posted to Reddit Ireland, showing how often the term 'Irish passport' has been searched on Google over the past 7 days.

Screen Shot 2016 06 24 At 10 03 54

Most telling of all, perhaps, is when you see exactly where those requests are coming from:

U J9K1Yu

And when you look at the past 24 hours, the stats go hand-in-hand with the results announcement.

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Fiodhna Horan Murphy