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This Highly Coveted Penneys Dress Is Coming To Ireland And People Are Freaking Out

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Ireland’s obsession with Penneys is a thing that we’re all just instinctively born with, an ingrained love for all things trendy and cheap.

“Tnx hun, Penneys”.

Some items in the store are listed as must-haves, and one dress in particular is already causing a frenzy.

A blue, gingham dress that’s a mere €18 has completely sold out in the UK, and people really, reaaaallly want this dress.


It’s become so popular in the UK that people are selling it on Ebay for more than double its original price. And British fashionistas are buying it. 


We wonder if it will cause such mayhem when it comes to Ireland?

A spokeswoman for Penneys told the Irish Sun “The gingham dress will be in Irish stores in the coming weeks. We do not have a confirmed date.”

What do you think of this “must-have” summer item?

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