This Irish Company Claims To Have The Cure For A Hangover

By katedemolder

May 16, 2017 at 5:12pm


Do you feel down the morning after the night before?

Feeling weepy, a bit low and a lot more sensitive than usual after a big one is totally normal. And unfortunately, it's not something a spice bag is going to fix (well, not all the time).

Our personal wellbeing after a heavy one on the pints, a long week at work or even a tough couple of days is something we should all be looking after - and when we find something that genuinely helps us feel a little more motivated than usual - then we grab it with two hands. 

Enter, Yogandha Oils

Now before you click out of this article, hear us out. 

These oils are made of genuinely uplifting scents and ingredients - with one, in particular, being praised for its mood-lifting abilities. 

That is Salute - which is becoming all party-goers morning ritual. 

Made with bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary and cedarwood - this little wonder product works to immediately uplift spirits, is excellent for stress and anxiety, eases SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) and jet lag, boost mood, energy levels and the immune system - and generally wake up the mind and help it to focus.

Not too bad for a tiny little product (that lasts for ages), eh?

Having been admittedly sceptical at first, I tested out this magic potion at a party of mid 20-year-olds (peak hangover years) and after breathing in the scents - all of them, including myself, admitted to feeling much brighter, much more optimistic and generally on much better form.

So, while we understand this may not be your 'thing', we definitely recommend giving it a go. 

Something that can boost our mood even a little bit on the darkest of days can't really be wrong, right?

Yogandha Salute oils and more can be viewed, bought and researched right here

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