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This Is How Enda Kenny Celebrated His Last Night As Taoiseach

By James Fenton

July 31, 2017 at 10:21am


When Enda Kenny announced his retirement in May it was probably to be expected that he would let his hair down for the evening. 

It seems he certainly did that and then some and his antics were even reported in the U.S media over the weekend. Ruth Stoolman, a writer for the Philadephia Inquirer, happened to stumble across Enda's session on the night in question and has documented her evening for the publication. 

It seems Kenny wrapped up his time as Taoiseach by belting out a few Beatles tunes and to be honest we've all probably done that after a few pints in the past. 

To be fair, it sounds like herself and her husband had an enjoyable night in the company of our former leader as she writes:

"Before my husband, Robert, and I departed for a vacation in Ireland, I promised myself: no politics. My mind and heart needed a break from the nonstop bickering and nastiness coming from both sides of the aisle in the U.S. of A."

We can all certainly relate to that. Ruth continues:

"On our last night in Ireland, we visited a popular Dublin pub to hear some local musicians. As I swayed to the infectious tunes, Robert motioned from across the room for me to join him. "You'll never guess who's in the next room," he said. "The prime minister. Let's check it out."

I spotted Enda Kenny, the Taoiseach - the Irish term for prime minister - surrounded by a bunch of young aides. Everyone appeared to be in an extraordinarily happy mood. Tommy, an aide we chatted with, told us that Mr. Kenny and his team were celebrating his last night in office before his resignation the next morning. Tommy offered to introduce us, and I expected a quick hello, a handshake, and possibly a photo. Nearly an hour and a half later, we were still there, in a private conversation with the prime minister of Ireland.

He was open and candid, not totally surprising given the occasion. A charming and well-educated man, he recited Tennyson and Yeats and quoted President Kennedy from his speech to Congress about going to the moon. We spoke about the importance of family, having fun, and following your dreams. Robert asked if he was writing a book. (Absolutely not, he said.) And yes, we talked politics. We even sang a few Beatles tunes."

Do you know any Oasis, Enda? While Kenny has always divided opinion among his compatriots, Ruth seemed rather smitten with the Mayo man.

"He was so easy to talk to, witty and funny. He was genuinely interested in our lives and our trip. At one point, I almost forgot who he was and was simply enjoying joking with an amiable Irishman. After a while, even his aides, driver, and other handlers ignored us and went on with their own conversations.

When Robert and I arrived home, the whole experience seemed surreal until I received a reply from Tommy to my thank-you email. He said he'd relay my thanks to Mr. Kenny and was glad I enjoyed the evening.

So, no, I didn't have a politics-free week, but I'm OK with that. I may be back on Twitter, but I'm following a new politician. I think I may actually like this."

No one can begrudge a man a few pints after leaving a job. Check out Ruth's full article here.

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