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18th Jun 2018

This Is How The Weather Is Looking For The Weekend And We Want To Cry


Well it looks like we can wave goodbye to those summer days.

Sadly the weather across Ireland this weekend isn’t looking so pleasant. Sob.

It’s definitely time to stay indoors and binge watch Netflix shows and keep warm, but if you’re going out we strongly advise you bring your brolly.

Met Éireann have revealed this weekend is set to have a mixture of very strong winds, a risk of thunder and rain pretty much all weekend and even into next week.

Say it ain’t so 🙁

Showers are set to begin today across Ireland and getting heavier as the day goes on. Munster and the south of Leinster are expected to get the worst of them even with the risk of thunder.

We guess it’s time to grab your ‘Thunder Buddy’.

It’s set to be a cold night with gusty winds all the way into Saturday morning.

While the wind is set to calm down a little bit by Saturday evening the showers are set to still continue and, well, Sunday is not going to be pleasant either.

Sunday will start off as a cloudy day which will pretty much then see rain spread across the country especially in Ulster, Connacht and west Munster.

Sunday night will see strong gusty winds especially affecting coastal areas in the west and south of the country.

The start of next week doesn’t look so better either.

We don’t know about you but we’re going to hide away indoors all weekend.

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