This Is The Best Time Of The Week To Call In Sick, According To A New Study

Valuable information for your next sickie...

Calling In Sick

Calling in sick can be a tricky business. There can be a fear that it might appear fake, especially if it is fake, so you don't want to do it too early or too late. 

Luckily, science has just revealed the best time to drop that particular bomb on your employer.

Market research company Attest conducted a survey on 1,000 employees to determine the best time of the week to call in sick and it turns out that 6.38am on a Tuesday morning is the sweet spot.

When you think about it, this time makes perfect sense. After all, if you took a Monday or Friday off it looks as if you just want to have a long weekend, and if you make the call especially early in the morning it looks as if you couldn't sleep because of your illness. 

The study also found that the best excuse to use was 'stomach problems' (nobody wants that going around the office) and that November and December are the months when the most sickies are pulled.

Of course, we know you would never use any of this information to do anything irresponsible...

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