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20th Dec 2016

This Is What We Could Buy With The €13 Billion Apple Owes The Irish Government In Back Tax


The EU has discovered that Apple owes the Irish government a total of €13 billion in back taxes. That’s €2,732.25 for every person in Ireland. We decided to have a think of what you could do with such money.

Here’s a few of them.

1. Set up Netflix subscriptions for every person in Ireland for 24,000 years

Imagine the amount of Netflix originals we could get through in that time.


2. Buy thirteen million Mars bars

Like, of course?


3. Stay in The Marker Hotel’s presidential suite for 450,000 years

Would you tire of the rooftop bar? Definitely not.


4. Build a tunnel connecting Ireland and Wales

Well the UK has voted to leave the EU, as we know, so travel might be a little more difficult between us and our nearest neighbours.

With €13 billion, we could easily build a tunnel under the Irish Sea.


5. The whole village of Ventry, Co Kerry could retire at the age of 30

And live an extremely luxurious lifestyle.


6. Pay for all Irish Water bills for 30 years

Free safe water to all homes and businesses for 30 more years. Not bad.


7. End homelessness in Ireland AND half of the US

A Housing and Urban Development Official once said it would take $20 billion to effectively end homelessness in the US.

Cough up, Apple.


The Irish Government is trying to appeal this. Does Enda just want to stay on the good side of Tim Cook and his mates?

Apple released a letter today explaining that it never evaded taxes, broke any laws or availed of any “special deals”. A statement from Apple implied that it does not, in fact, owe the Government the €13 billion. Michael Noonan, Minister for Finance, described the situation as “bizarre”.

You can read the letter here: Apple Customer Letter

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