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12th Sep 2017

This Terrifying Image Shows How Screwed Ireland Would Be If Hurricane Irma Hit Here


Unless you’ve been on a severe social media cleanse, you’ll know that Hurricane Irma has caused devastation on the other side of the Atlantic, and has so far killed 39 people in the Caribbean, including ten in Cuba, and one in Florida.

Irma has been ranked as a Category 5 storm, one of the highest ever recorded, and had winds of up to 295km/h when it hit Barbuda.

With such chaos caused across the sea, we wonder how little Ireland would fare if a storm of a similar size were to hit us?

And Twitter user Ian Cairns has placed the geo image of the eye of storm Irma across Ireland, and it does NOT look good.

It’s bigger than our entire country lads.

Jesus. As much as we complain about our weather, there are some serious benefits to such a mild climate…

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