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17th Nov 2017

A Very Surprising Ingredient Is Apparently The Key To Fluffly Pancakes


Pancakes are the most delicious, most beautiful, oh-so-tasty creations that fill our greedy little bellies with SO much joy.

But for some reason, when we go to make our own at home for an indulgent brunch they just don’t turn out quite right…

We’ve been whisking like mad, letting the batter rest and everything, yet we’ve never been able to get them as big and fluffy as they do in real restaurants.

Apparently BEER is your secret weapon to pancake heaven

No no, we don’t mean start chugging a bottle instead of maple syrup. Thrillist revealed that a top American food blogger told them that adding a little bit of beer to the pancake mix before putting it on the pan is key.

“The carbonation from the beer is going to act like a leavening agent… and it gives the dish a nice funk that deepens the flavor,” Josh Scherer said.

If it gives us pancakes like these we’ll try it!

Shutterstock 311041604

Hands up who’s gonna try this out over the weekend?

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