Not Okay - People Are Outraged Over This Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume

Just in time for Hallowe'en

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Love her or hate her - Kim Kardashian is the sat atop the epicentre of world news, and will remain seated for the next decade or so.

Her recent escapades at Paris Fashion Week were cut short due to being held captive at her Parisian hotel, in which millions of dollars of jewellery were stolen, and she was left tied up in the bathroom. 

Kim was subject to the world's ridicule shortly after, with claims that she 'deserved it' due to her posting so much about her life on social media. 

Alas, the begrudging nay-sayer can now wear their response proudly on their body, as a Kim Kardashian Robbery costume has just been unleashed unto the world.

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Photo cred: Daily Mail

It comes from the same costume company, Costumeish, that released a controversial 'foxy Megyn's bloody tampon' outfit, inspired by Donald Trump's sexist comments to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Just when you think the world can't surprise you anymore...

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