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11th Jul 2017

Turns Out Drinking Coffee Can Actually Help You Live Longer


If you’re a caffeine addict then praise da lord, because boy do we have some good news for you and your filter coffee scented body.

A new study has found that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of dying from heart disease, stroke and liver disease, and that people who drank two to three cups of coffee daily had an 18% reduced risk of death.

Not too shabby.

The Irish Times are reporting that the research found that men who drank at least three cups of joe a day were 18% less likely to die from any cause, while women were 8% less likely.

Scientists believe it is the antioxidant plant compounds in coffee rather than caffeine that contributes such beneficial properties.

“If you like to drink coffee, drink up!”

Lead author Dr Veronica Setiawan, from the University of Southern California, said: “We cannot say drinking coffee will prolong your life, but we see an association. If you like to drink coffee, drink up! If you’re not a coffee drinker, then you need to consider if you should start.”

She added: “Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants and phenolic compounds that play an important role in cancer prevention.

“Although this study does not show causation or point to what chemicals in coffee may have this ‘elixir effect’, it is clear that coffee can be incorporated into a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

Another scientist has added however, that “I don’t think this study should lead anyone to drink more coffee in search of a health benefit that might not actually exist.”

So eh yeah, only time shall tell.

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