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04th Nov 2017

Turns Out Drinking Tequila Has A Pretty Great Benefit For Your Body


Salt. Tequila. Lemon. Blackout.

That’s usually the order in which our tequila experience goes, but new research shows that the hefty spirit is actually pretty good for you (we recommend a three-shot limit.)

A new study published in Science Daily has identified substances from the tequila plant that enhance absorption of calcium in the body, meaning for us non-scientists that it’s really good for your bones.

“Apart from being the raw material for making a very traditional drink in Mexico, the blue variety of the Agave tequilana has substances capable of improving the absorption of calcium and magnesium, essential minerals to maintain bone health.”

While the research doesn’t go so far as to say we should all be downing a bottle of Jose Cuervo, surely a few shots won’t harm?

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