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14th Feb 2018

Two Irish Cities Have Just Been Named In ‘Top European Cities Of The Future’


For a fairly small country we’re absolutely smashing it when it comes to technology and business initiative, or at least the Financial Times’ fDi magazine reckons so. 

Three Irish cities have been named in its 2018/19 list of European Cities and Regions of the Future, which ranks the most attractive locations in Europe for inward investment.

Irish cities scored high in the top 25 cities of the future – with Dublin rocking up in second place, just behind London.

“With eyes on the unfolding Brexit negotiations across the Irish Sea, Dublin is seeking to benefit from companies that might consider leaving London to find a new financial services hub to call home.”

Cork came in 18th place in the European Cities and Regions of the Future

The People’s Republic also came in eighth in the ‘small European cities for economic potential’ list.

And last but not least, Limerick, Waterford, Galway, Shannon and Drogheda were also named as European City of the Future in the ‘Micro City’ under the ‘connectivity’ branch. 

Limerick came in first place with Shannon close behind. 

Three cheers for Ireland!