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01st Feb 2018

Ugh – Taxi Fares Across The Nation Are Even More Expensive As Of Today


Crawling out of bed in the mornings and hopping into a nice cosy taxi like the deep-down Beyonces we know we truly are is one of life’s little joys. 

Yeah yeah yeah, we know it’s a seriously unnecessary expense but when it’s lashing rain and you’ve slept in… What a lifesaver.

 Unfortunately this little splurge is about to get even more extravagant, as taxi fares across the nation are increasing from today, February 1. A decision by the National Transport Authority was made last year to increase the average taxi fare by 3.22%.

The current initial charge of €3.60 during the daytime rising to €3.80, and the premium rate increasing from €4 to €4.20.

Here’s the existing fares:


And here’s what the new ones will be:



Guess we best get used to the bus…

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