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21st Feb 2018

Uh Oh – Ryanair Plan To Have Strike In Ireland During Easter Break

Darragh Berry

If you’re a regular Ryanair customer or you were planning/have a holiday booked with the airline, this won’t make you happy at all.

Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary is warning people of a potential Ryanair strike in Ireland during Easter week.

According to Reuters, O’Leary said at a press conference in Lisbon that: “We expect some adverse publicity… and some disruptions. We had a strike in Germany on 22 December… we expect the next one will be in Ireland – or maybe it will be in Portugal – during Easter week.”

No concrete confirmation has been put in place just yet but it will cause concern to those who may have already purchased flights during this period with the company. 

The good news however, if there is a strike, is that there was no flights cancelled during the four-hour strike on December 22 which O’Leary referred to.

One to keep an eye out for. 

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