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“I’ve Not Become A Vegan Or Anything” – Taoiseach Clarifies Red Meat Comments In The Dáil

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Leo Varadkar has clarified comments he made yesterday about cutting down on red meat.

The Taoiseach came under fire in the Dáil earlier for reducing his intake due to ‘health and climate change reasons’ with Michael Healy-Rae telling him “You’re the Taoiseach for every single farmer in this country trying to make a living.”

However, Varadkar responded by telling TDs that he was simply cutting back, responding “I can reassure deputies I have not become a vegan or anything like that,” before adding that he ate “very nice Hereford steak” last night.

He concluded by saying that he was “very happy to eat fish, poultry, turkeys and pork meat and all of the wonderful products that Irish farmers produce.”

We’re pretty sure Leo made himself clear by the end. The full discussion can be seen in the clip below.

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