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21st Jul 2022

Want to study Harry Styles? You can now do a college course on him

Emily Mullen

Where do we register?

A college in the US has announced it will now offer a course all about Harry Styles – yes, you read that right.

Starting in 2023, the course titled Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture will be offered to students at Texas State University Honours College in San Marcos.

The course is set to focus on the former One Direction star’s work in both music and film to help students “understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity”.

Dr Louie Dean Valencia announced the news on Twitter, saying it is the first course of its kind.

He wrote: “It’s official, official. I’m the world’s first ever university course on the work of #HarryStyles.

“It’s happening Spring 2023 at @TXST University. This is what tenure looks like. Let’s gooooo!”

Posting a synopsis of the course itself, it reads: “This course focuses on British musician Harry Styles and popular European culture to understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity as related to questions of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, media, fashion, fan culture, internet culture, and consumerism.”

In other Harry related news, the trailer for his new film with Florence Pugh has dropped, and it looks insane.

The two are set to star in the upcoming movie, Don’t Worry Darling, which is set in a utopian society, and you can bet it’s going to be an eery one.

Harry and Florence play husband and wife in the thriller, which is directed by none other than Olivia Wilde, Harry’s real-life girlfriend.

And if her last film Booksmart is anything to go by, we know were in for a treat with this film.

Set to be released in cinemas on September 23, the synopsis reads: “A 1950s housewife (Pugh) living with her husband (Styles) in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company may be hiding disturbing secrets.” Chills.

This article originally appeared on, header image katelynhallows on Twitter. 

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