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02nd Jul 2018

Those Wasting Water Could Face Court As We Are Now In A ‘Crisis Situation’

James Fenton

Those found to be wasting water during the current hosepipe ban could face being brought to court as we are now in a “crisis situation”.

That’s according to Irish Water chief Jerry Grant who was speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland today.

Those who breach the ban could be fined €125 and Mr. Grant said that while Irish Water did not want to take people to court, it would “review its options in the case of a persistent breach of the order combined with a refusal to pay the on-the-spot fine”.

A hosepipe ban is in place in the Greater Dublin Area from today and Mr. Grant added that further bans could be introduced as the week goes on. He said that “it’s necessary because we are in a crisis situation now similar to the drought of 1976 and the implications are being felt right across the country.”

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