WATCH: Check Out The Huge Queue For The Fire Sale In Smyths In Naas

Further proof that early Christmas shopping turns people nuts

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Smyths Toy Superstore in Naas has seen a surge of activity over the past couple of weeks. 

A month ago, the toy store went up in flames – thankfully harming no one, only stock.

This stock has been slashed by an incredible 40%, meaning that people have an opportunity to get the Christmas shopping in early, at half the price. 

The bells of opportunity had clearly been tolling loudly in Kildare's county town of Naas, as the enormous queue has span the whole of the Globe Retail Park, and started at 6am that morning. 

The store opened at 9am, and this was the queue at 8.50am.

Oh dear.

We certainly hope it was worth it...

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