WATCH: Danny Healy-Rae Had This To Say About The Ozone Layer

Sweet baby Jesus

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The Healy-Raes have done it again.

Independent TD, and wildly entertaining Kerryman, Danny Healy-Rae, has claimed in the Dáil that the hole in the ozone layer was caused by nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean, 50 years ago.

He previously made remarks denying that climate change is man-made saying: “God above is in charge of the weather”.

Now he has claimed that the hole in the Ozone layer - which isn't related to climate change - was caused by the testing of nuclear weapons.

Addressing today's debate on the ratification of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, he said "untruths have been bandied about" about climate change for years.

He continued by saying: "There was changes in the climate way back in times when there was no industrialisation and way less animals on farms and no intensification of farming.

Yet we had intense heat, long periods of very cold, wet weather which culminated in many lives being lost in the famine in the 1740s, caused by two years of incessant rain and extremely cold winters.

I mean... Are we even surprised?

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