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05th Nov 2018

WATCH: This GAA Team Has Come Up With A Unusual Way Of Deciding On-Pitch Debates

James Fenton

Anyone who has played Gaelic Football will know that on-pitch disputes aren’t just limited to opposing teams. Sometimes, team mates also have a difference of opinion and one common source of this is deciding who gets to take the frees.

Instead of one or more players throwing a strop, two players on Dunshaughlin GAA have come up with a foolproof approach to deciding this most pivotal of matters. During a special Dunshaughlin Revised Rules tournament yesterday, Meath Daily TV captured the pair engaging in a good old fashioned game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who would take the free kick and judging by the light-hearted reaction from the losing participant, this could be the way forward if the GAA wants to avoid any time wasting in the future.

Good craic all round. The Dunshaughlin Revised Rules tournament took place on Saturday and featured slight adjustments to normal GAA rules, with the aim of putting the ‘foot’ back into football.

All profits from the event went to the Sean Cox Fund and more information can be found here.

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