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11th Jan 2018

We Bet That You Won’t Find A Worst First Date Story Than This One

Darragh Berry

Oh wow.

Think of the worst date you’ve ever been. All those Tinder dates that ended up with minutes of silence in between pointless bits of conversation.

Now times that by a gazillion. 

You want your first date to go as smoothly as possible but if it does go off the rails, you’re able to just press the eject button and get out of there.

This Dallas woman, however, might need more than an eject button to get herself out of this situation. 

According to Fox News, she is currently facing allegations of causing $300,000 (€250,000) worth of damage to a prominent Houston attorney’s art collection at the end of their first date.

The woman in question is facing first-degree felony and could face life in prison if found guilty.

The attorney – who has represented high-profile figures –  told investigators that the woman became “intoxicated and belligerent” and that she shattered two $20,000 sculptures and poured wine on paintings, including two Andy Warhol works each valued at $500,000 (€415,000)

As well as this, the woman allegedly “tore paintings off the wall with her hands” before throwing sculptures across the room.

Then, when an Uber was called for her, she hid in the attorney’s home and refused to leave.

Next time you have an unsuccessful first date and you think ‘why me’, just think of this story. 

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