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04th May 2018

YES – Ireland To Be Hotter Than Ibiza And Lanzarote In Scorcher Bank Holiday

Darragh Berry

Feeling, HOT, HOT, HOT. 

We knew we were braving it through all those weather warnings and snow storms for a reason. 

It looks as though the summer has finally landed in Ireland and just on time as the May Bank Holiday will bring with it, long spells of warm, dry and sunny weather with temps breaking the 20s, yes, a 2 and a 0.

Breakout the sunscreen because Friday is only the start of the glorious weather which is only going to go up and up as the weekend progresses. 

It’s being described as a scorcher with temps all over Ireland on Friday ranging between the mid-teens to 20 degrees with the east getting the best of the weather.

Saturday will see much of the same but people in Dublin will see the gauge rise to a roasting 21 degrees making it hotter than parts of Ibiza, Lanzarote and Barcelona. 

Bank Holiday Sunday will see highs of 19 – 21 degrees also and Monday will have lots of sunshine too with highs of 20 and 21 degrees. 

As for Tuesdays weather, maybe best if we tell you after the Bank Holiday. 

Make the most of this, peeps. 

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