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18th Jan 2019

Weather Experts Predict We’ll Get The First “Heavy Snow” Of 2019 Next Week

Megan Cassidy

Here we go, folks.

It may be the middle of January, but it feels like winter is only just beginning.

Chapped lips? Check. Blue toes? Check. Hands feel like they’ve been bashed with hammers while you wait for the bus? CHECK.

Well, it looks like the cold weather is showing no signs of easing off – with things set to get even colder *with a chance of snow* early next week.

Donegal Weather Channel’s Kenneth McDonagh said:

“Early next week models continue to show a colder blast of polar maritime air to reach Ireland with a low pressure system to the north of Ireland centred over Iceland feeding in a band of precipitation falling as rain and sleet turning quickly to snow late Monday evening and overnight Monday.

“Current models show heavy snow showers then moving in from the northwest Tuesday morning leading to accumulations of snow to both higher and low level areas.”

As for the weekend, it’s set to remain chilly and frosty – so a couple of duvet days will do the job nicely.

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