Here's What The Weather Is Looking Like For The Week

It's a bit of a mixed bag

Sun Through Clouds

It's Monday yet again and you've a whole week of plans to make, so here's what the weather is looking like.

Today’s looking like it’ll be warm, humid and mostly dry. It’ll be rainy along the west coast. Highest temperatures will be between 20 and 24 degrees, but a little lower near the Atlantic coasts, according to Met Eireann.

Tomorrow will also be humid. Expect temperatures of 19 to 23 degrees during the day.

Wednesday will be more of the same, but it may turn quite windy and rainy at night in the west.

The humidity should have dissipated by Thursday, so the end of the week will be much fresher, with temperatures dropping to the mid-teens. Unfortunately, a lot of wet weather is coming with that.

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