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Met Éireann Reckons There’s A Warm And (Mostly) Dry Week Ahead

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Our summer sun may have done a bit of a disappearing act over the weekend but it looks like things are about to improve.

According to the latest forecast from Met Éireann, temperatures will sit between 15 and 20 degrees this week and we can expect a mix of bright spells and light showers.

“Tomorrow morning, the remaining rain and drizzle will clear away and the day will be mostly dry. Some sunny spells developing but overall, a lot of cloud and a few scattered showers will develop during the day,” said a spokesperson.

“There will be changeable and unsettled weather for the rest of the week, with some rain at times, but good dry intervals also and rainfall amounts are expected to be well below normal in most areas.”

Not quite tropical climes but after this weekend’s downpours, we’ll take it!

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