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20th Oct 2018

This A-List Hollywood Actor Has Allegedly Bought A House In Meath In A Gorgeous Location

Darragh Berry

It would be very weird to stroll down to the shops and see this a-lister knocking about.

Meath Chronicle is reporting that Will Ferrell has allegedly bought a house in Meath on the “Irish lakeside retreat” of Lough Sheelin in Mountnugent.

Ferrell is believed to have an Irish connection which stems to Longford, is believed to have bought the house which is in the region of €700,000.

It used to belong to Lord Farnham of Cavan and the people selling the property have refused to reveal who the mystery owner is.

The last person to buy this house did so 30 years ago and that is the only time that the property has ever been sold on apart from now.

Ferrell said about Ireland before that:

“We took two weeks to travel around the countryside and stopped in County Longford.

“That’s where all the Farrells are from. We wanted to do some research and we were told to go to Eamon Farrell’s pub, which is a real place.

“We went there in the afternoon and said hello and said we might stop by later that night. Well, we came by and there were literally a thousand people there who all said they were Farrells.

“I must have taken a hundred photos, and we ended up in some guy’s house at three in the morning, my body shaved.”

Sounds like a good night, invite us to the house warming, Will xo

Main image via: Rorysfishingtackle.