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01st Dec 2021

Wondering if you’re in for a White Christmas? These are Ireland’s snowiest counties

Katy Thornton

Legacy Communications teamed up with some weather experts to get the lowdown on all things snow this Christmas.

The list of the snowiest counties in Ireland is officially in. Good news for Donegal and Tyrone dwellers, as they’re the most likely to see snowfall this Christmas, with a 60% chance. Other counties with a 50% chance of snow this Christmas include Fermanagh, Cavan, Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath, Offaly, Laois, and Clare. Counties that are towards the north of the country tend to have a better chance for snowfall than those in the south.

Image via Legacy Communications

The other 22 counties in Ireland have less than a 33.3% chance of snow, with counties such as Dublin, Waterford, and Kerry having a 0% chance (sorry to all those living there).

These findings came from Met Éireann weather data over the last ten years. Alan O’Reilly, a weather expert from Carlow Weather, states:

Some weather signals are showing a risk of a colder spell of weather early in the winter which would increase the chances potentially of a cold spell in December.

“There are some signals that we could see some cold spells with high pressure out in the Atlantic blocking the weather systems coming from the West and seeing more of a northerly and easterly influence which gives us a chance of cold air coming down from Polar regions or Scandinavia.” 

We’ve certainly all been feeling that chill in the last few days, with Storm Arwen bringing on flurries of snowfall last weekend.

Are you hoping for a White Christmas this year?

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