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20th Oct 2018

These Three Words Are The Biggest Turn On In The Bedroom

Darragh Berry

You can do all the neck kissing and talking you want but if you really want to get someone going in the bedroom, all you have to do is say these three words.

‘I love you’?

‘You are beautiful.’

‘Is it in?!’

Nope, none of the above.

According to, saying “I like that” is the most effect way to pump up the mood in the bedroom.

Nearly four in every five people out of 2,000 agreed that this was the best thing to say in the bedroom to spice things up.

Ear nibbling and eye contact also scored highly.

Just over 20% of women found that going down on their partner was a turn off and over half of the men surveyed said that anal sex was a turn on but half of the opposite sex said it was a turn off.

“The study showed that non-physical affections are the biggest turn-ons for everyone,” said Fred Petrenko from the site.

So there you have it, carry those three words around with you and use them wisely.