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13th Nov 2017

You Can Save Almost 50% On Your Christmas Shopping This Year By Crossing The Border


While some savvy shoppers might have already done their Christmas shopping in September, most of us will be trawling the streets closer to the big day in search of last-minute gifts.

And let’s be honest, those last minute gifts usually aren’t cheap.

Turns out though, that there’s savings of 43% to be made simply by crossing the border into the North and doing your shopping up there. 

No.1 Currency research found that the average saving based on 14 popular items surveyed was 17%. Savings of 30% could be made purchasing an Apple MacBook over the border, savings of 21% were to be made on iPhones, and savings of 12% on a Panasonic 32 inch Smart LED TV.

Parents shopping for toys can also make their euro go further by nipping across the border, with 11% savings on a 13ft trampoline or 8% savings on a Lego Star Wars play set, and savings of 5% on Luvabella Dolls, forecast to be one of the most popular toys this Christmas.

As Irish consumers prepare to put on the annual Christmas feast, the savings that can be made on food and drink may prove to be the most beneficial, research showed that savings of 43% could be made on 12 bottles of beer, 35% on a case of wine, and 39% on a Cadburys selection box when purchased over the border.

12 bottles of Corona will cost you €19.99 in the Republic, and just €11.20 up north 

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You’d be mad not to, at least for the bigger bits.

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