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05th Jul 2017

You Could Soon Be Able To Unlock Your iPhone With Your FACE


Sometimes I think my fingerprints must be fading away what with all the pressing I do with my thumbs to unlock my iPhone – and half the time it doesn’t even work.

Bloomberg news are reporting a very interesting change however, that could see you pretty little face become to key to your mobile. Apple is testing a new improved security system that allows users to log in and authenticate payments by scanning their face.

This will be powered by a new 3-D sensor, as well as eye scanning technology. A source at Apple told Bloomberg that the intent is for this to replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and can scan a user’s face and unlock the iPhone within a few hundred milliseconds.

While Samsung previously released a phone that could scan people’s irises, the smartphone was able to be tricked with photocopy print outs of peoples eyes – something that the Apple 3-D technology will apparently be able to overcome.

Pretty cool, but we have a few questions. What if it doesn’t recognise us without make up on? What if we suffer a severe allergic reaction and our eyes swell up and we forget our pin??

The future is now people.

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