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Your Weekly Shop Is Now Cheaper Than It Has Been For Two Years

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The cost of groceries in Ireland is now at it’s cheapest since May 2015. 

According to Fora.ie, the Irish grocery market has slipped into deflation for the first time as the weak British pound starts to feed into local prices as a result of Brexit. 

David Berry, director of global consumer experts Kantar Worldpanel who released the figures, reckons that consumers now have the opportunity to save a few quid on the weekly shop:

“For the first time since May 2015, grocery prices are falling so consumers are likely to have a little extra cash to hand, though this doesn’t necessary mean they’ll spend more in store.

“Many will see the break from inflation as a chance to cut down their grocery costs and pocket the savings instead.”

Great news all round. Now we can concentrate on spending all that money we save on necessary items. 

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