The 6 Emotions Every Parent Feels On The First Day Of School

There's something in my eye *sniffs*

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1. Pride

You've done well. They have survived this long on your watch. A new uniform, a new bag and the spirit of everything possible alive inside of there. Where did the time go? *Cue tears*

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2. Sadness

Sure, they went to creche for a few years – but this is Big School. How quickly they grew up. Next they'll be looking to stay home and study instead of wanting to go to the zoo every single weekend... Or, y'know, stay in bed until 3pm staring, glassy-eyed, at their iPads.

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3. Fear

Will they be liked? Will they tell the teacher about all of your bad parenting habits? What if they get bullied? This is getting heavy. Oh my God... What will they think of me when they realise I'm shite at Irish?

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4. Excitement

Look at them there with their new friends. Might be time to invest in that seven-seater after all – for all the play dates.

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5. Surprise

This kid is good, why did you ever doubt them? Harvard, here we come!

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6. Relief

They survived day one – what's another 12 years? This is gonna be graaaaaaaand.

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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group