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16th Sep 2018

This Is The Most Disgusting Thing You’ll Find In Public Toilets Around Ireland


You stand there in the middle of a dingy public bathroom, having just answered nature’s call.

This place wouldn’t exactly be your first choice of restroom, but then beggars can’t be choosers. You’re pretty confident the soap dispensers here haven’t contained anything since they were first installed.

This is kinda bathroom whose stall door locks have been kicked off years ago. The kinda bathroom where there’s always something vile on the floor dangerously close to your foot. The kinda place you still have to pay 20 cent to enter.

But the worst thing, the foulest part, is its hand drying situation.

You finish washing your hands and turn expectantly looking for a Dyson Airblade. You’d even settle for one of those antique hand dryers that end up firing water droplets all over your trousers.

Instead you find something truly horrifying: a cloth towel roll.

Cloth Towels Flickr Pixelated

Pic: Nick Gray/Flickr

Oh, you don’t see what the big deal is?

Just think about it for a second: you’re expected to dry your hands on the still-damp cloth that other users of this soapless bathroom have recently wiped their hands on.

All the while you’re trying not to think about how many germs there might actually be on this crumpled, moist excuse for a towel.

Gagging Liar Liar

See what we mean now? You couldn’t pay us to touch that mankiness.

Should you ever find yourself in this desperate situation, we highly recommend you just rub those mitts on the back of your trousers like a civilised human being.

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