Bad News – This New Ryanair Fee Will Affect Parents Travelling With Children

What a pain in the arse

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What parent doesn't want to sit next to their child on a flight?

Well, Ryanair are about to cash in on just that, from September 1. 

But, of course

Currently Ryanair have automatic random allocation of seats. Which usually leads to some fuss before take off while the cabin crew rearrange families to let them sit together.

And that's absolutely grand. I would never deny letting a parent sit beside their kid. 

However, from September 1 adults travelling with children under the age of twelve will have to purchase reserved seats for their kids. 

Standard reserved seats cost around €8 per flight but Ryanair says one adult in every booking will be able to reserve seats for €4 for their children. 

Are you willing to pay that to sit with your kid?

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