10 Irish LQBTQ charities and services to support this Pride Month

By Fiona Frawley

June 10, 2022 at 2:20pm


And every month of the year.

Pride month is well and truly upon us, and while Ireland has enjoyed exciting milestones such as Donegal's first Pride Parade last weekend, the LGBTQ community have also been subject to a string of horrific, unprovoked attacks.

There have been a number of attacks on the streets of Dublin in recent months, and of course, April brought with it the horrendous murders of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee in Sligo. Ireland has a long way to go in terms of supporting and providing a safe space for our LGBTQ+ community, and it's important to acknowledge that during Pride month in particular.

If you're looking to support an LGBTQ charity this month, we've compiled a list of ten that are doing incredible work in Ireland at the moment. If you're aware of a charity you'd like added to the list, let us know.

LGBT Ireland

LGBT Ireland is an Irish support service for LGBT people and their family and friends, originally established in 2010 by seven local LGBT helplines with a similar goal to offer support and information nationally. Currently, they are looking to hire a key support worker to undertake work within the hate crime space - more information is in the video below. Find out more about LGBT Ireland HERE.


BeLonG To Youth Services

BeLonG To Youth Services are a national organisation and have been supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex young people in Ireland since 2003. They advocate and campaign on behalf of young LGBTI+ people, and offer a specialised youth service with a focus on mental and sexual health, alongside drug and alcohol support. Find out more about the work BeLonG To do via their WEBSITE.

Shout Out

Shout Out are a charity committed to improving life for LGBTQ+ people by sharing personal stories and educating school students, parents & guardians, teachers, youth workers and workplaces on LGBTQ+ issues.  Find out more about Shout Out HERE.


Dublin Lesbian Line

Dublin Lesbian Line have been supporting Ireland's LGBTQ+ charity since 1979, and all of their highly trained volunteers identify as female and somewhere along the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer spectrum. They offer support to those who need it - they're not just for lesbians and not just for Dublin! Find out more about Dublin Lesbian Line HERE.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

TENI is a non-profit member-driven organisation, which was founded in 2006 to advance the rights and equality, and improve the lives of trans people and their families. They advocate for trans people across legal, medical, societal and political structures, they provide workshops and trainings that increase awareness and offer a number of support services for trans people. Find out more about the work TENI do HERE.

Outhouse LGBT Centre


A welcoming space located on Dublin's Capel Street for LGBTQ+ people, their families and their friends. Outhouse has a cafe and a library, and hosts community groups and personal development courses. Find out more about the work they do, and how to support them HERE.

Amach LGBT Galway

Amach advocate to achieve a safe support structure for the LGBT+ community in Galway. They provide awareness, education and training events and workshops with a goal to promoting a more inclusive society. Find out more about the work Amach do HERE.


Based in Limerick City, Gender Orientation Sexual Health HIV also work throughout the counties of Limerick, Clare, and North Tipperary. Their goal is to create an environment where the mental, emotional, physical and social well-being of everyone is promoted and sexual rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. Find out more about the work GOSHH do HERE.


Lesbians in Cork (LINC)

LINC are a Cork-based charity, and the only organisation working exclusively with Lesbian and Bisexual women in the Republic of Ireland. Their aim is to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of all women who identify as lesbian or bisexual in Ireland. Find out more about the work they do HERE.

Greenbow LGBT Society Ireland

Greenbow is an organisation run for the benefit of all Deaf LGBT adults all over Ireland. Their website provides news on LGBT current affairs. They also give details of educational workshops and other services. You can find out more about Greenbow and how to support them HERE.

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