10 thrilling outdoor adventures that are waiting for you in Brittany

By Brian Dillon

February 5, 2021 at 10:50am



Making travel plans for when the world opens back up? Brittany has a whole host of class outdoor adventures that are sure to fulfil your thrill-seeker needs.

We simply cannot wait for travel to resume. We miss our adventures, experiencing new things and making life-long memories in some of the most spectacular corners of the world.

While we're itching to hop, skip and jump to our next foreign destination, we have to first decide where that is. So, we have teamed up with Brittany Tourism to showcase all of the unforgettable experiences on offer in this wonderful region of France. Think breathtaking sights, eye-opening cultural experiences and, of course, more unreal outdoor adventures you can shake a stick at.

So without further ado, here are ten thrilling adventures that are waiting for you in Brittany.

Micro-adventures at sea

It's time to take to the water for a whole host of aquatic adventures off the stunning coast of Brittany. And there are just so many.

A stand-up paddleboarding trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wild shores of the Armorica Regional Natural Park, featuring isolated creeks and steep coasts, all to be taken in from your board. As your coach takes you to beautiful unspoilt places, you'll also stop off at spots such as the mysterious boat cemetery in Landévennec, Yelen Beach and Bindy Island. You can find out more about this excursion here.

There's also a 24-hour sailing trip. In the trusted hands of Captain Cristophe, you'll board a former lobster fishing boat at Saint Quay and embark on an adventure to the Bréhat Archipelago, soaking up some glorious sights and sounds along the way. Find out more about that here.

24-hour sailing trip aboard the Saint-Quay in Brittany, France. Photo credits: crtb-Sensation Nautique


On your bike

This region of France is known for many amazing things, and one of those is the incredible cycling routes available. In fact, The Grand Départ of the Tour de France will take place in Brest on 26 June 2021 with 4 all-Brittany stages.

One of the fantastic cycling experiences available to visitors to the area includes eight days of free-wheeling around the Gulf of Morbihan. You'll get magnificent views all around the Séné peninsula and there are even opportunities to make use of boat connections to escape to stunning spots such as to Ile d’Arz and Ile-aux-Moines, two perfect islands for two-wheelers.

There's also an eight-day cycling adventure on the water’s edge during which you'll travel from Redon to Châteaulin, experiencing the beauty of Brittany along some of the loveliest sections of the Nantes-Brest canal.


To find out more about the main cycling routes in the area, head here.

Cycling along the Nantes-Brest canal in Brittany, France. Photo credits: crtb-Emmanuel Berthier


Surf's up

Brittany is famous for its incredible surfing opportunities. Pointe de La Torche is a defiant little headland that sticks out from the southern end of the wild Bay of Audierne, in southwest Finistère. The Atlantic waves here provide plenty of thrill.

There's also Quiberon which juts out to the sea for nine miles. With a rugged coastline, sweeping sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages, this area of Brittany provides surfers with everything they need and more.

Surfers in Quiberon peninsula’s wild coast, Brittany, France. Photo credits: Loic KERSUZAN-Morbihan Tourisme


Off-grid island and lighthouse stays

Did you know Brittany has the highest concentration of lighthouses in the world? One of the most famous is Île Vierge, just off the coast of Plougerneau in Finistère. And it will open as a 10-bed hostel this summer!

To get away from the craziness of the modern world, there's also Quémènes Island, Here, you'll find an energy-efficient self-sustaining farm. A stay here will bring you right back to nature and the tranquillity of the place is almost unmatched.

The Ile Vierge island off the coast of Plouguerneau in Brittany, France. Photo credits: crtb-Thibault Poriel



Regional natural parks

Brittany is home to a whole host of delicate and carefully preserved nature parks, including The Golfe du Morbihan, the Marais de Brière, the Territoire d’Armorique and the Mer d’Iroise, to name a few.

To find peace and a sense of calm, these spots are a great shout. Soak in the varied scenes these areas have to offer such as clear turquoise waters, cliffs, large wooded meadows as well as the many majestic species including seals, dolphins and migratory birds.

Find out more about them here.

The Golfe du Morbihan in southern Brittany, France.


Walk the GR34

This is the most famous of the Grande Randonnée long-distance footpaths, steeped in history. Get your hiking boots on and take on this truly breathtaking trek and you see, hear and smell all of the wonders on offer here.

This track meanders along 2,000km of Brittany's rugged coast from Mont-Saint-Michel to the bridge of Saint-Nazaire, offering walkers breathtaking sea views as they get lightly sprayed with the mist of the sea.

Find out more here.

The GR34 coastal footpath near Cancale, Brittany, FR. Photo credits: crtb-Teddy Verneuil

Other epic coastal hikes

If you haven't gathered already, Brittany makes for a magical walking holiday. One of the most awe-inducing routes to take is a tour of the Crozon Peninsula, taking you through dramatic mountainous land and Atlantic cliffs.


There's also Pointe du Raz to Cap Sizun, a mystical journey passing secret coves, cliffs and outcrops battered by the wind. Finish this tour at Pointe du Raz. Take in the views of the Iroise Sea at the very edge of the continent, with Europe and Asia sitting behind you.

There are plenty of more equally breathtaking walks and hikes in Brittany, more if which you can discover here.

Walking along the GR34 coastal footpath in Crozon peninsula, Brittany, France. Photo credits: crtb-Alexandre Lamoureux


Glorious trail runs

Anyone for a jog? Whether you're a lover of the beach or the forest, night or day or smooth or rugged landscape, there are many running outdoor adventures for you in Brittany.

The Ultra Marin Trail is simply breathtaking. The longest ultra-trail in Brittany forms a loop around the Gulf of Morbihan. Suited to those seeking extreme adventures, runners have 42 hours to loop back to the start, running on paths, roads and even crossing in a rubber dinghy half-way.

There's also Guerlédan trail, a winding track through rich nature around he largest artificial lake in Brittany. There are three trails, with each providing a worthwhile reward in the form of views over the vastly diverse landscape below.

To find out more about these running trails and more, head here.

Ultra-Marin Raid Golfe du Morbihan, the longest ultra-trail in Brittany, France. Photo credits: Alexandre Lamoureux


Kayak and hike in the Pays des Avens

This seven-day adventure is like no other, and you will certainly be taken aback by the diverse beauty of everything you'll come across. You will discover the splendours of the Glénan archipelago and it's turquoise waters and sandbanks, enjoy the charm of quaint French villages and take shelter in the pretty creeks of the Ile de Groix.


To find out more about this gorgeous kayaking adventure, head here.

Island-hopping kayaking trip in southern Brittany, France. Photo credits: Nomade Aventure


Animal encounters

Brittany is home to a diverse population of wildlife and they want to say 'hey'!

Perhaps one of the most joyous experiences you can have in the region is flipping with grey seals in the Bay of Morlaix. You go snorkelling around their Trégor Archipelago with Dominique as your guide as you swim and flip alongside these charismatic animals.

Meanwhile, Brittany also offers you the chance to watch some cheeky bottle-nosed dolphins, sailing from Port-Mer out to sea with your guide Gaël who waits to take you on an unforgettable trip.

Speaking of dolphins, there's also the opportunity to sail with these stunning creatures and observe the impressive bird population as you sail out to Île de Sein. You'll also embark on an exciting voyage below the lighthouses of Ar Men and La Vieille.

From breathtaking nature to adrenaline-inducing outdoor adventures to eye-opening excursions, Brittany is on our list for adventure holidays in the future.

Get me there

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