Here Are The 10 Best European Cities For Young Couples In 2017

By seank

July 30, 2017 at 2:56pm


Scratching your head over where to have that romantic holiday this year? We're here to help.

When heading away with your other half you want to go someplace with delicious food, a lot of energy, and gorgeous scenery — you need to come home with envy-inducing pics, after all. 

With that in mind, we put together this little list of cities around Europe that are just perfect for a couples' getaway, suitable for a variety of budgets. Scout's honour.

Here's where you'll make memories to last a lifetime...

1. Paris, France

Perhaps a bit of a cliché, but it's earned its rep as the city of love.

Young sweethearts can't even go for a stroll in this town without stumbling upon something iconically romantic: the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, the Champs-Élysées. 

It's a photo collage waiting to happen. 

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Restaurant:  Le Jules Verne

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Europe's answer to San Francisco.

It's a city of streets on hills, it's got trams, there's a massive bridge, it's made a name for itself a culinary hotspot and the weather's amazing.

Come for a holiday and it won't be long before you seriously consider moving here.  

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3. Krakow, Poland

An underrated couples' destination and one that deserves to be on your radar.

The city exudes charm, with its wide open squares and medieval castles, and there's plenty of tours to keep you busy, but not too busy, during the day. Check out the Salt Mines, where you'll find fascinating gelatinous pools of salt water and even a church deep in the bowels of the Earth. 

It's also one of the best nightlife hubs in Europe, if you're a couple of ravers.

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Restaurant: Albertina

4. Budapest, Hungary

Bisected by the River Danube, the capital of Hungary is the ideal place to visit on a budget. 

It hosts many spas, a host of impressive buildings both modern and old, friendly locals and a rich history.

Our advice? Try the baths by day and the wild party scene by night.

AccommodationMoments Budapest

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5. Vienna, Austria

This city rivals the romantic rep of Paris.

Steeped in history as it is, evidence of its past being visible everywhere, Vienna is also at the forefront of architecture, art, and foodie culture. It's nigh-on impossible not to be smitten by the place.

It's also one of the most visited, most liveable, and happiest cities in the world, so they must be doing something right in these parts.

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6. Rome, Italy

Think beautiful people riding mopeds through the streets of this ancient city while laughing — that could be you and your other half! 

What have they got in Rome, I hear you ask? Only the very best in fine cuisine, the greatest works of art ever created, coffee you won't believe and, oh yeah, the remains of the Roman feckin' Empire

So it's somewhat memorable, I guess.

This one's on nearly everyone's bucket list, so why not make it your next holiday destination?

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7. Florence, Italy

Another Italian gem and an equally romantic destination.

Culture vultures and history geeks will adore Florence, being home to the Medici Chapel, the science museum Museo Galileo and Michelangelo's David himself.

Of course, this is one of Italy's greatest cities, so a casual walk on its oldest streets will invariably lead you to world-class shops, restaurants, and bars.  

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8. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is spread across 14 islands, so spend your holibops doing an altogether different type of island hopping this year. 

Explore the archipelago and discover everything it has to offer: art galleries galore, museums of every variety, and an abundance of open spaces for long romantic walks while looking lovingly into each other's eyes (we assume this is what couples do). 

Does a little trip to Scandinavia tickle your fancy? 

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9. Seville, Spain

You'll find these gorgeous city in the south of Spain, a stone's throw from Africa where the continent's influences are clearly felt.

The ancient Moorish presence in the city has left beautiful and exotic details in the architecture of the city, giving it a wonderfully distinctive feel. 

If want to see all the sights, there is no shortage in Seville: there's the breathtaking palace Alcázar of Seville, the belltower and former minerat Giralda,  the Maestranza bullring, the awe-inspiring Plaza de España, and a lot more.

Being Spain, your wining and dining will also be exceptional, so look forward to the very best in tapas and sangria.

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10. Galway, Ireland

Plot twist: not all of these places are outside Ireland.

That's right folks, don't rule out the possibility of a staycation this year — especially when Galway has got so much to offer.

The coastal city is positively brimming with charm: the buzz on the cobbled streets, the personality of the West End, the beauty of a walk along Salthill Prom.

And the grub, the grub. For the finest seafood simply pay Oscars a visit, for mouthwatering brunch pop into Biteclub, or if you're feeling adventurous check out the food stalls at the Saturday Market on Church Lane.

Now doesn't a holiday in one of the friendliest city's in the world sound like your cup of tea?

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