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10th Sep 2021

Check out three of the best actresses in the world together in this movie available to watch at home right now

Rory Cashin

Two of the actresses were nominated for Oscars for their roles in this film.

Recently, there have been some potentially uninteresting topics (the stock market crash, creating a new mop, the power of the vice presidency) that have managed to be adapted into massively cinematic, brilliantly entertaining, Oscar-winning dramas. We’re talking about the likes of The Big Short, Joy and Vice, all of which received the well-deserved attention upon their release.

However, one drama that seemed to go a little under the radar was Bombshell, despite the fact that it tackled a hugely topical issue (the sexual harassment claims within the Fox News network), and featured a staggeringly brilliant cast, including Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Malcolm McDowell, Allison Janney, Connie Britton, Mark Duplass and Rob Delaney.

The movie won the Oscar for Best Make-up and Hairstyling (seriously, the work done on Theron is phenomenal), while both Theron and Robbie were nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for their roles.

Variety – “Bombshell is a scalding and powerful movie about what selling, in America, has become. The film is about selling sex, selling a candidate, selling yourself, selling the truth. And about how at Fox News all those things came together.”

Original Cin – “Bombshell is recommended; it’s a fun watch, often surprisingly funny, and snappily directed by Jay Roach (Trumbo, Dinner for Schmucks). Plus, it’s always entertaining to see actors summon well-known real people in a persuasive way.”

Entertainment Weekly – “Bombshell belongs to its three main female stars. It’s their fierce, finely shaded performances that transcend the film’s drab visual style and drier episodic moments — not just by speaking truth to power, but by confronting the audience’s own ideas of who the right to do that belongs to.”

Rolling Stone – “An explosive piece of entertainment that also means to make a difference. Listen up.”

Bombshell is available to watch on NOW with your cinema pass right now.

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