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07th Jan 2020

Four ultimate sunshine adventures to have this year

Brian Dillon

Aer Lingus sunshine adventures

Are the January blues in full swing? Well, thankfully Aer Lingus has landed with their January sale to cure you!  So, we decided to come up with some unbelievable fun adventures to have in the sunshine this year.

If you’re like me, you enjoy a balance of relaxation and excitement when you go away. You like to lounge around, but you always want to try something new and be adventurous. 

Listen, with discounted flights to some unreal destinations in Europe and North America, we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming about the fun in the sun we’re going to have this year.

If you’re in the market for your fix of adventure this year, we have you covered. We’re here to give you some sunspiration and tell you about some of the most exciting adventures to be had in the sun this summer.

Pacific Highway Roadtrip

If this isn’t on your bucket list, it really needs to be.

Being one of the most picturesque drives in the world, with loads to do and see along the way, it’s probably the most scenic and action-packed road trip you’ll ever go on.

Stretching all the way from San Fransisco down to San Diego, there are some stops along the route that you absolutely cannot miss when looking for some sunny adventures this year.

The Golden Gate Park is a fantastic starting point. Travelling south from there, you’re going to want to make a pit-stop at Santa Cruz with its dramatic coastline and picturesque pier (your insta pics will be on fire).

Other super sunny stops along the way include Monterey (unreal for watersports), San Simeon, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Malibu, LA, Long Beach and finally, San Diego.

Picture it: cruising along, top-down while the sun hits your face and you take in some of the most magnificent coastal views to be had.

Portugal Safaris (Faro)

Who knew you could go on a Safari tour in Portugal? Well, you can. Specifically, in sunny Faro.

Driving around in a 4×4 convertible, you’ll feel like you’re trekking through the African Planes as you take in some incredible sights (and soak up some of that glorious sunshine).

A number of companies offer daily tours from Faro, taking you through some of the most beautiful natural spots in and around the area and allowing you to discover sights, sounds and smells that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

Expect dramatic coastlines, gorgeous nature, interesting wildlife and even a dolphin or two.

It’s an incredible way to discover the best and most unexpected things Faro has to offer as you spend the whole day out in the sun.

Parasailing in Malaga

Aer Lingus parasailing sunshine adventures

Parasailing is one of the insanely fun sunshine adventures you need to have this year.

Basically, you’re attached top a parachute and you’re pulled around by a speedboat, getting your fix of adrenaline as you take in some gorgeous views of the Spanish coast. High above the sea (and closer to the sun), you’ll have such a laugh doing this.

Fuengirola is a majorly popular spot in the Malaga area and offers unreal parasailing experiences for all ages.

And there are other insane activities in and around the area. If parasailing isn’t up your alley (or you want to experience all of the excitement the area has to offer), then you can also try your hand at flyboarding, quad biking, mountain biking or even going on a dolphin cruise.

Scuba Diving in Lanzarote

Aer Lingus sunshine adventures scuba diving

Scuba diving is hands down one of the coolest activities to do when you’re on holidays.

Not only is it a really enjoyable daytime activity, but it also gives you some of the most unique views of a place – make sure to bring your GoPro for all that Instagram content. You’re not going to want to forget this!

One for the proper thrill-seekers out there, a quick dive down under will help you discover a world of colour as you get up close and personal with nature. All while keeping active and having the craic with your pals!

Playa Chica, one of the top spots in Lanzarote, is home to over ten of the country’s dive sites, offering visitors the chance to explore the coast and marine life that lives there. If you’re lucky you’ll see seahorses, angel sharks and rays.

Just imagine how jealous everyone will be when you tell them of your adventures!

Get your adrenaline fix as you make the most of the amazing weather and beaches.

And that’s just a taste of what’s on offer in these amazing sunny destinations.

Fancy escaping to the sun and experiencing some incredibly thrilling sunshine adventures? Trust me, it’ll REALLY help with those January blues…

Then you should check out the January Sale brought to us by Aer Lingus. With offers on flights to some fabulous and fascinating destinations in Europe and North America, there’s no excuse not to.