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9 Galway Activities You Can Do In Less Than Two Hours This Weekend

By seank

March 3, 2017 at 3:55pm


Galway is undoubtedly one of the most charming spots on this lovely island of ours and a must-visit for all Irish folk.

However, if you're here on a flying visit it's hard to know how to use your precious window of opportunity. What should you see? What should you do

Never fear, intrepid wanderers! We've rounded up a few choice Galway activities that you can do in less than two hours, so you won't find yourself stuck.

The things we do for you...

1. Pure Skill

You can easily while away two hours or more in this joint with no shortage of activities to try your hand at.

Pure Skill is an arena where you can choose from a selection of 10 sports from around the world – gaelic football, soccer, hurling, rugby, tennis, cricket, baseball, basketball, golf putting and golf chipping – and test your skill levels using a scorecard.

Do you want to definitively prove to someone that you're an all round more skilled person than they are? Here's the place to do it.

Pure Skill

2. Footgolf

Exactly what it says on the tin. 

Footgolf brings together the two great sports of football and golf to make some kind of supersport. Or at least a fairly novel way to pass an afternoon.

Basically instead of a golf ball and club, you're trying to kick a football across a course into a football-sized hole.

Sound easy? Well, you might be surprised...

Football On Golf Tee

3. Take a walk on Salthill promenade

Nothing invigorates quite like a blast of salty sea spray right to the face, wouldn't you agree? Yeah, you agree.

When in Galway you really can't pass up to opportunity to take a stroll down beautiful Salthill promenade; it's great spot to look wistfully against the Atlantic and think about life across the water.

If you're into that sorta thing.


4. Bowling

Everyone loves a bit of this, amiright?

Head to the The Planet for a bit of 10 pin bowling and remind yourself just how oddly fun it can be to roll heavy balls down smooth lanes at wooden pegs.

Truly the sport of kings.

Bowling Girl

5. Galway City Museum

Maybe you want to delve into the history and culture of this pretty little town, in which case there's really no better shout than the local museum.

Here you've got three levels which encompass the most pivotal moments in Galway's past, from prehistory to medieval times, the Great War and the Irish Rebellion. It makes for a captivating experience. 

Find out more about their upcoming events here.

Galway City Museum

6. Open top bus tour

There's no easier way to soak up all the sights that the 'City of Tribes' has to offer.

It only takes about an hour and you'll get to take in Galway Cathedral, The University, Salmon Weir Bridge, Salthill, The Claddagh, Galway Bay, Spanish arch and all the little blink-and-you'll-miss-it spots in between.

Galway tends to be slightly rainy, however, so the Galway City Open Top Bus Tour only runs from April to September, but it's definitely one to keep in mind for summer.

Open Topped Bus

7. Galway Atlantaquaria

Get up close and personal with some fascinating marine specimens from the Atlantic Ocean.

Here at Ireland's largest native species aquarium you can wander from section to section and discover different species and their habitats. You can get a good look at cuttlefish, enjoy the graceful movement of rays in their huge tank, and that fin whale skeleton on display is particularly spectacular.

It's also an incredibly calming experience, if that's what you're looking for.


8. Go-karting

It ain't just for the kids, y'know.

Experience that wind blowing through your hair as you desperately race against your mates in a teeny-tiny vehicle. 

Sounds like savage craic to us!

Go Karting

9. Great Escape Rooms

If you're game for a test of wits, you need to try the Great Escape Rooms.

The concept is simple: you're locked in a room with a partner and the only way to escape is by solving a series of puzzles.

They've got three rooms with different themes for you to choose from: the Quarantine Room, the Prison Room, or the Auld Shebeen Room.

This is the perfect way to while away a rainy afternoon in Galway.

Prison Room


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