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05th Feb 2020

Here’s your ULTIMATE guide to a sensational night in

Brian Dillon

Couple enjoying staying in on the weekend

Staying in this weekend doesn’t mean sacrificing a night of laughs and entertainment. This is 2020, folks! Pretty much everything we need is already in the gaff.

So, we were feeling inspired to come up with the ULTIMATE guide for when you and your mates and/or other half stay in this weekend.

Think top-quality telly, tasty takeaway, delicious snacks and even a game or two. Trust us, it’ll be a scream.

Well, there is a fair bit to choose from on your night in.

On Friday night, you can join Graham Norton as he looks back on the quality banter that was had during the past season. Expect best bits from gusts like Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Lewis Capaldi and loads more superstar guests providing laughs.

There is some other class viewing on telly this weekend.

You can catch Rocky V on RTÉ2 at 10.30pm on Friday night. Or, you’ll catch The Tommy Tiernan Show at 9.45pm on RTE1 on Saturday followed by The Keith Barry Experience at 10.55pm.

Graham Norton Show

The arrival of 2020 saw some class new additions to Netflix.

Since new seasons of Grace & Frankie and Schitt’s Creek have been added, it’s the ideal time to start binging them. If you haven’t yet, you’re seriously missing out.

grace and frankie - what to watch on the ultimate Valentine's night in

February will see the arrival of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story to Netflix. This was by far one of the best TV shows to hit our screens in 2016.

In terms of new movies, the hotly-anticipated second To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has also recently been released and makes for an adorable watch with your bae or mates.

Some other unreal movies available on Netflix that you and your pals will love are Dunkirk, Jumanji and The King.

Plus, there are some absolute CLASSICS available at the moment like Legally Blonde and Sex And The City. Ideal if you’re doing GALentine’s or PALentines with your best friends.

Now it’s time for the ultimate snack.

If there was ever a weekend for the passion and flair of some Sensations Snacks, it’s this weekend. Pair it with the perfect glass of wine and BAM, you have yourself some seriously good snacking.

So, what are the perfect pairings to enjoy this weekend?

Well, Sensations Hickory Smoked Cheddar and Crispy Bacon tastes absolutely divine. With the creamy tang of cheddar, a subtle hint of smoked hickory and a rich bacon flavour finish, you won’t be able to get enough.

To perfectly highlight cheddar flavours and subtle bacon undertones, pair this Sensations Snack with a bottle of bright and fruit-driven Nero Oro Appassimento (Sicily).

Some of the grapes for the wine are semi-dried on the vine under the Sicilian sun to concentrate the flavours and sugars. This gives buckets of vibrant dark cherry and plummy fruit, balanced with good acidity and round tannins.

wine and crisps for the ultimate Valentine's night in

Or, opt for Balsamic Vinegar and Onion. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. This crisp has a deliciously bold and sharp tang as well as a bite of balsamic and a sweet and juicy caramelised onion finish.

Definitely pair this with a bottle of Russian Jack Savignon Blanc (New Zealand).

Why? Well, this wine has quite a ‘zippy’ character which unpins the savoury balsamic notes and the tang of onion.

From the Foley family winery in the Wairau and Awatere Valleys. This wine is bursting with lifted herbaceous aromatics on the nose, while the palate is full of tropical and zesty fresh grapefruit and passionfruit on the long crisp finish.

wine and crisps for the ultimate Valentine's night in

Honestly, board games are a recipe for disaster but in the best way. There will probably be the most hilarious arguments but it’s always an absolute scream.

So, which ones should you get?

If you’re staying in with your best pals, then 30 Seconds before, the game where you basically have 30 seconds to answer trivia and move your team of two along the board, is SUCH a laugh.

Or, Cards Against Humanity will have you rolling around the floor with laughter.

If it’s just you and your other half, you can’t go wrong playing a cheeky game of Jenga as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

cards against humanity games to play staying in this weekend