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10 Difficult Irish Names To Have While Living Abroad

By Zoe

December 18, 2018 at 12:47pm



For some of us, being blessed with a traditional Irish name can bring a sense of patriotism when holidaying or even living abroad. It can also bring with it all levels of confusion and mispronunciation.

New research from tech brand Huawei has found that so many words (names, foods and brands) are regularly mispronounced - their own name being one of them. (It’s pronounced “wah-way” by the way!) so they can well and truly relate to anyone with an Irish name.

Whether your name is Sadhbh or Meadhbh, Tadgh or Caoimhe - odds are you've had to correct someone's spelling or how they pronounce your name.

How many of you have experienced the below?

1. Bláthnaid

With a beautiful meaning like flower or blossom, it's a shame to know that this name is up against it when out of the Emerald Isle.

It's BLAW-nid not blath-nade, folks.

2. Oisín

We've a feeling this name is a regular in lists like this, sorry to all the OH-SEENS out there.

Word to the wise people, stick with Ush-een and you'll be grand.

3. Sadhbh

According to Huawei, you lot - 23.8% to be exact - think this is the most difficult Irish name to pronounce. If us lot can't say it right, how do you expect non-Irish people to say it correctly!?

With so many h's and consonants, anyone with this name never stood a chance! For this one meaning sweet, lovely, (gorge), it's a simple Sive.

4. Ruaidhri

We really don't make it easy, do we.

This fella has a dh and all the vowels - we totally get how this can be tricky to say.

Say it with us, rue-ree.

5. Caoimhe

"Hi Kay-Ohm-He"

"Ah good to see you Kay-oim-hee"

We'll admit it, people with this name pronounce it their own way too. It's either Key-va or Kwee-va. Soz for the added confusion.

6. Donnchadh

Slowly starting to realise we really don't make it easy for people... why are we obsessed with putting d's and h's together?!

Think of the ch here as a k. and the dh as silent....Don-Acka.

7. Saoirse

You'd think having an incredible actress making waves across all the seas would help us out a little with this one. Yeah, not so much.

It's Seer-sha, not Sheesha - you can thank Dennis Quaid for that gem!

8. Pádraig

We'll be nice and quick with this one.

It's not Padrag, or Poddrick or even Pad-ray-g.

Paw-ric. Nice and easy. Kinda.

9. Siobhán

A classic. See-yo-ban.


It's Shuv-Awn. Thanks a thousand.

10. Domnhall

Another traditional name you would think more people would be familar with thanks to the Gleeson family.

We've a feeling once you get this, it will be forever etched in your brain.

Ready? Dough Null. Simples.

People constantly pronouncing your name wrong? Huawei know how you feel. Doireann Garrihy took to the streets of Dublin to teach people how to pronounce Huawei. Say it with us.. Wah-Way


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