Here's How To Spend Your Day On The Streets Of Dublin

By seank

August 12, 2017 at 1:30pm


I'm the kind of guy who likes to be kept busy. A lie-in or day of lounging around the house doesn't hold much appeal for me. On a typical week day, if I'm not frantically hammering my laptop in the office or rushing from one meeting to the next, I'll likely be on the lookout for the latest Dublin foodie spot or trying to balance my food obsession in Flyefit!

Not that I'm all work and no play, mind, it's important to get out and about and meet up with friends — when there's time!

I think everyone could be smarter with their time; no faffing about, as every moment in your day is precious. That's why I recently I decided to take a MINI Clubman out for a spin around Dublin and see how much I could get done.

Here's how I got on.

For me, there's no better way to start your day than with a hefty dose of either weightlifting or cardio, so, as the weather was surprisingly nice, I drove out to Bull Island in Clontarf. Parked up, I dusted off my runners and spent the next hour or so gasping my way along Dollymount Strand. 

Absolutely wrecked from my early morning excursion, I figured I'd earned caffeine and a bite to eat, so I popped into Kennedy's for some coffee and a flapjack. The fact that I earned it made it taste even better!

After I'd finished my breakfast I drove home to Drumcondra for a while to shower and get some work done. I spent the next few hours replying to emails, finalising plans for a few upcoming projects and making phone calls before heading in to town.

I'd arrange to meet a few friends for brunch at HQ in Grand Canal Dock. I'm trying to be (relatively) healthy at the moment, so went for the chicken pesto salad — really tasty! 

After a morning of working from home, it was time to head in to the office to check up on my team. Working remotely has it's a lot of positives, but some things are easier when you're sitting with your team and bouncing ideas around.

So, from one HQ to another, as I said my goodbyes and made my way back to the Lovin Media Group Towers for an afternoon of meetings and, inevitably, a backlog of emails. 

After a few hours of pulling reports, brainstorming and and dealing with clients, the hunger started to creep back in. Now that I actually think about it, I actually spent most of this day eating, but honestly, is there a better way to spend a day?

After exchanging a few WhatsApp messages with my wife, we decided it was an evening for sushi and so arranged to meet at Musashi on Capel Street. It didn't disappoint! I had Yaki Udon, whilst my wife opted for a couple of rolls. I obviously helped her out, being the gentleman that I am... 

After a day of mostly eating with a side of exercise and a dash of actual work, it was time to bring my MINI (yet not-so-mini) day to a close.

It's pretty easy to weave your way around the streets of Dublin and surprising how much you can pack in to an average day if you make the effort. I'd happily do more of the same tomorrow.