We Took The Ultimate Glam Summer Road Trip To Galway

By Alana Laverty

July 27, 2017 at 4:29pm


For us, summer is all about adventure. 

Seizing every single day and making the most of it. 

And how better to spend an entire day than on a dreamy road trip around beautiful Galway? 

We got up at the crack of dawn and set off on our journey to Galway. 

We got there in no time on one of the smoothest rides of our lives. 

First things first - we needed coffee. Badly. 

So naturally, we headed to Galway's most popular café-restaurant, Dela, for a serious caffeine fix before embarking on the rest of our adventure. 

After coffee, there was only one thing to do - grab an ice cream and a stroll out along the prom to get some fresh sea air. 

You would think after an ice cream that we'd be nice 'n' full. 

But no, food was still on the brain after strolling Salthill prom and kicking the famous wall. 

After asking around, we knew exactly where to head for some more grub. 

Galway's coolest, kitschiest and tastiest spot - the one, the only, Biteclub on Abbeygate Street Upper. 

After inhaling a few burgers, tacos, fries and lemonades, we can officially say that Galway is most definitely a strong contender for the food capital of Ireland. 

After all the driving, walking, sightseeing and eating - we were wrecked. 

Knowing we'd need some well-deserved beauty sleep - we booked into the gorge Galway Glamping for the night. 

Located in the absolute middle of nowhere, about 20 minutes outside of Galway city centre lies one of Ireland's coolest spots. 

Our road trip came to a sleepy end at Galway Glamping but it was by far the dreamiest day of our summer so far.