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19th Aug 2019

Nine Sustainability-Focused Irish Brands That You Can Feel Proud To Buy From

Brian Dillon

Bord Gáis Energy is an energy services and supply company committed to satisfying the changing needs of our customers. We’re committed to improving the energy efficiency of Irish homes with the use of new technologies. Since the launch of Hive, we have installed over 10,000 smart devices across Ireland, helping our customers monitor and reduce their everyday energy consumption

As of late, we are becoming very aware of not only our own impact on the environment but also that of big brands. And a fantastic way to help reduce our own carbon footprint and promote sustainability is to support brands who put sustainability at the forefront.

So, here are nine sustainability-focused Irish brands that you won’t feel guilty buying from.

1. Grown

Grown is an Irish ethical and organic clothing brand and focuses on the importance the ocean plays in our lives. Everything they produce goes through an in-depth life cycle and sustainability audit to ensure they’re not negatively impacting on our environment.

As well as clothing, they also produce reusable coffee cups, bamboo cutlery, tote bags, and much more.

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2. Bogman Beanie

Bogman Beanie is another Irish brand that produces clothing in a totally ethical and environmentally friendly way.

From beanie hats to t-shirts to their ‘bog boyfriend sweater’, everything they make is super comfy and cosy and comes with no guilt.

This brand realises the importance of transparency, and all of their materials are traceable, coming from beautiful County Donegal.

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3. Fresh Cuts Clothing

This brand has pretty much everything you could need when shopping for new clothes: jeans, shirts, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks, and even accessories like sunglasses, hats and scarfs.

Based in Dublin, Fresh Cuts Clothing are fully aware of their social and environmental responsibilities as a brand, designing limited-edition sustainable pieces and clothes made from recycled materials.

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4. Dalkey Handmade Soaps

Yes, even soap brands can be sustainable. Dalkey Handmade Soaps makes soaps by simply using natural ingredients like oils, butter, natural colourings and pure essential oils, making them in small batches and curing them for four to six weeks.

The soaps contain no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate or petrochemicals, and they are all vegan.

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5. The Upcycle Movement

The Upcycle Movement uses materials from quite an unexpected source: wetsuits. They make bags and other accessories and believe that something is “only waste if we waste its potential”.

Although wetsuits have been their main source of materials, they also accept donations of tents, kites, paraglides, parachutes, hot air balloon material and boat sails.

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6. Jill & Gill

Jill & Gill is an Irish brand of printmakers and illustrators who work in design, fashion and fine art in a sustainable way.

Being conscious of the environment is part of the brand’s ethos, which they work into the production of their clothing.

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7. Planet Sustie

Did you know you could look after the environment by simply having a party? Planet Sustie produce zero waste party supplies that have no negative impact on the planet.

From cups, plates and bowls to party bags and party bag fillers, it’s all compostable and/or recyclable.

Roisin Carroll and Claire O’Caoimh, who have seven children between them, set up Planet Sustie because of the amount of single-use waste they noticed leftover after children’s parties.

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8. The Sustainable Store

The Sustainable Store in Blackrock, Dublin is an amazing place to get all of your eco-friendly, chemical-free toiletries and hygiene products such as natural toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, cotton swabs, bars of soap, shampoo and night cream.

It was set up by an Irish husband and wife duo, who believe that in order to help the planet, there needs to be a demand for “chemical-free, plastic-free products, made by humans paid well, living a happy and healthy life, in factories running on clean energy, putting only water back into the waterways.”

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9. Warrior Botanicals

With a name like Warrior Botanicals, you know you’re going to get something that is stunningly natural and refreshing. They have a wide range of skin, body and hair care products as well as other products made from wild botanicals (in rhythm with the lunar cycles, no less) such as herb bundles for burning and seasonal floral blends.

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