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PODCAST: Leanne Moore Gives Us Her Top Tips To Prepare For The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

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“Don’t mind the scales. Think about how running makes you feel.”

We’ve teamed up with Vhi to bring you the Reasons to Run podcast. Each week we speak to a guest about their running journey in the build-up to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon on June 2.
On this week’s episode, fitness enthusiast, Leanne Moore, joined us to chat about her running journey, and also her top tips to prepare for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.
One of Leanne’s top tips is to make sure you are looking closely at your motivation to run.
Leanne’s mum was 33 when she passed away, and this is what drives her to get out and enjoy a run.
“I no longer look at the scales. I couldn’t tell you what weight I am,” she adds.

“My driving force is that I just want to be healthy and fit and live my life to the best so that my mum can live through it, and see all of the things that she maybe never got to see.”

“It’s been a much nicer way of approaching a fitness routine.”

So what are Leanne’s top tips for preparing for an event like the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon?

Start small.

“Even if you’re walking it, that’s fantastic. Just build up your steps. Take it one step at a time, literally,” she adds.

Listen to all of Leanne’s top tips to prep for the big event on this week’s episode of Reasons to Run with Vhi below:

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